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You've been a valued member of IrishAbroad so we thought that we should let you know about the IrishCircle, our great new online service that will not only keep you in touch with all aspects of your Irish heritage but also save you hundreds of dollars. Here's how:

By joining the IrishCircle (introductory annual subscription is just US $35) you will be entitled to full access to exclusive IrishAbroad content including additional news, advice on finding your Irish roots, information on travelling to Ireland, interviews with Ireland's best known traditional musicians, news on Irish dancing and much more. This is in addition to the access you already have to all IrishAbroad community features such as email, discussions, chat rooms and photo albums. But that's not all!

You will also be entitled to discounts of up to 20% on a whole range of Irish-related products and services such as:

  • Your next vacation in Ireland
  • Hotels in Ireland for you and your family
  • Genealogy searches and consulting services for your family history
  • Heraldry products for your family name
  • CD's of your favourite Irish music
  • Books by your favourite Irish authors
  • Online Irish music tutorials
  • Irish crystal, ceramics and giftware
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