What is a blog?

A blog, also know as a web log, is where a person adds regular commentary, news, events, and reviews on a particular subject or many subjects. It may also be used as a personal online diary. Entries are arranged in reverse chronological order so that people who visit your blog will see the latest entry on top.

Why should I write a blog?

Everybody has a different reason to write a blog. A blog is often a way for people to publish their thoughts on the web. For some, it provides them with recognition and the chance to develop a following in a particular subject and be recognised as an expert in that particular area.

If you're not sure about writing a blog on IrishAbroad.com but want to try it out, you do not have to publish it immediately. You can choose to publish it once you are happy with it. You can also choose whether you want everyone to see it or if you just want your friends to view it.

NOTE: Please do not use your Blog for outright self-promotion. Using your Blog posts to advertise your own site or a product may cause us to remove your posts and in extreme cases you will be prevented from further use of the service.

If you wish to promote your business, please add your business details to the Irish Business Directory and your website to the Irish Sites directory . Also, please contact advertise@irishabroad.com for further advertising and promotional details.

If you want to add information about your family or family name, please go to the Roots section at http://www.irishabroad.com/Irish-Roots/. Here you can add your name and details to the Family Name Register

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